The Computer Science Class C of 2004 of VLB Janakiammal College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore

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Our Class Room

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user Anand Narayan
Anand  Narayan Follow by words and not by hearts is the prime motto and live his life like a mouse tail.
Anand Narayan from Palakkad , Kerala India
Hobbies : chatting with uuuuuuuuuuu
Latest News : hi guys and glzzz... this is anand here.. hope so everyone enjoying out there and preparing for christmas celebrations..... any way do remember this old friend also...... for all from my side "MARY X-MAS" enjoy........... - 24th Dec 2004
user Arun B Gopal
Arun B Gopal The softwear of the class. oh he dosen't seem to be having anything other than that wear.
Arun B Gopal from Palakkad , Kerala India
Hobbies :
Latest News : Hai friends, Ihave completed my MCA by Oct 2007, Now i am working as JAVA Programmer in Geojit Technologies, at Cochin. Curently i am working in Finantial Domain. bye... - 14th Dec 2007
user Arun Bhaskaran Nair
Arun Bhaskaran Nair The spy kid of the class. hey investigating someone from the past three years but seems to have lost this investigation anyway. But still partly uncle and partly the cake boy of the class.
Arun Bhaskaran Nair from Trivandrum , Kerala India
Hobbies : Music, Books
Latest News : Hi guys, its been so long that i've been off this. My MCA is done and I completed a certification in SAP. Lately got an offer in Siemens Information Systems, as SAP Consultant. Most probably, I'll go for it. Thats it for now. Rest on joining. Keep in touch guys. By the way, i see only a handful of our buddies here. Where are the others??!!! Anjanesh, U ROCK MAN!! - 1st Oct 2007
user Dhanya Devarajan N
Dhanya Devarajan N It seems she is falling short of words, but still another hiding heart in the class, but all appraise for looks.
Dhanya Devarajan N from Palakkad , Kerala India
Latest News : Going to get married on 21st may 2004,every body is invited cordially. - 5th Mar 2004
user Divya Nair
Divya  Nair The active girl of the class, has a lot of gossips to make and enjoys it too.
Divya Nair from Palakkad , Kerala India
Hobbies :
Latest News : - No Latest News -
DIVYA LAKSHMI G She is a lot more silent than she seems to be, but hey she is not a dumb.
Latest News : HAPPY LIFE - 5th Mar 2004
user Kiran Prakash
Kiran  Prakash The little kid with a lot of confusions and a lot of worries and a lot of ayyos, a sweet chap.
Kiran Prakash from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies : Stamp collection, Reading magazines
Latest News : - No Latest News -
user Lijo Pulickal Joy
Lijo Pulickal Joy The drum of the class or simply the boy with a "sweeeet" throat, a nice guy.
Lijo Pulickal Joy from Kochi, Kerala India
Hobbies : playing, lisening to music
Latest News : hei guys... how are you all? i am at cochin now. so if any body coming this side just let me know.. lets meet up.. - 7th Apr 2009
user Mini Ajay
Mini  Ajay Truly the Mini Mouse of the Class, but our class didn't lack her Mickey Mouse !
Mini Ajay from Palakkad , Kerala India
Hobbies : Music,Dance,Watching T V
Latest News : Hi everybody, Hope u r all fine.I miss u all a lot. I am working as a teacher in Palakkad and also I am a programmer in PhP in Flexorbits Solutions-chennai - 18th Aug 2007
user Padmanabhan Ramankandath
Padmanabhan  Ramankandath Is he there in the class, hey that's what everyone's wondering from the past three years even though a regular.
Padmanabhan Ramankandath from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies : playing&watching cricket
Latest News : hai,iam santhosh how are you guys,iam fine iam doing my M.Sc(c.s).hai ddddd - 20th Dec 2004
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