The Computer Science Class C of 2004 of VLB Janakiammal College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore

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Our Class Room

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user Kiran Prakash
Kiran  Prakash The little kid with a lot of confusions and a lot of worries and a lot of ayyos, a sweet chap.
Kiran Prakash from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies : Stamp collection, Reading magazines
Latest News : - No Latest News -
user Padmanabhan Ramankandath
Padmanabhan  Ramankandath Is he there in the class, hey that's what everyone's wondering from the past three years even though a regular.
Padmanabhan Ramankandath from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies : playing&watching cricket
Latest News : hai,iam santhosh how are you guys,iam fine iam doing my M.Sc(c.s).hai ddddd - 20th Dec 2004
user Sreekanth Cheriyapurath
Sreekanth Cheriyapurath Seems he's no words at all but still in his own world.
Sreekanth Cheriyapurath from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies : travelling,chatting & listening music
Latest News : Hi guys..am in bangalore for doing my MBA.My mob no is 0-9447071371.Life is going on itz way..keep in touch..bye.. - 8th Dec 2005
user Madhusoodhanan P C
Madhusoodhanan P C Yes mam whats going in class an you make me aware of it. I am studying . studying "what " who cares.
Madhusoodhanan P C from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies :
Latest News : hi all... whatsup guys? i with Hewlett Packard(HP)...same with Vinit here....cool life...enjoying the babes in bangalore to the core....call me 24/7 ..9980165648...take care bye for now - 14th Mar 2006
user Sudheer T K
Sudheer T K Big mouth still short of words. But trying hard to get to his best.
Sudheer T K from Shoranur , Kerala India
Hobbies :
Latest News : - No Latest News -
user Anjali V
Anjali V The soft girl of the class who as if never had any complaints to anyone nor did anyone had an complaints for her.
Anjali V from Shoranur , Kerala India
Latest News : HAPPY MARRIED LIFE - 5th Mar 2004
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Thu, 30th May

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