The Computer Science Class C of 2004 of VLB Janakiammal College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore

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user Arjun R
Arjun  R Seems to be the baby of the class, but hey don't go by his face and he's a lot more than just being an adult. But still a kid.
Arjun R from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu India
Hobbies : Snookers
Latest News : - No Latest News -
RAMADURAI  V The Arnold of the class, also a hyper kid of the class, the most active after one guy. Always wears his shoes to run.
RAMADURAI V from Coimbatore , TamilNadu India
Hobbies : playing computer games
Latest News : Hi guys.. This is Ramadurai after a long time.. How are u guys.. I am currently doing final MCA project in SlashSupport and i a got placed in USTechnology.. I will be joining there from July 2007..My mobile number is 9994624678.. Miss u buddies - 22nd Dec 2006
user Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh  Kumar Da studies da . alot of da's and do's. And a lot more studies abd thats seems to be his life.
Santhosh Kumar from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu India
Hobbies : hearing musics,dancing,collecting stamps
Latest News : HI guys am Santhosh Kumar.M how r u i got job in HCL Technologies LTD, Chennai and enjoying here an good place to start my career and new friends and new environment and mis all my old and golden days in our college... mobile : 9894107327 mail id:sanu_beauty@yahoo.com - 27th Apr 2007
user Ziaur Rahman Junaidi
Ziaur Rahman Junaidi The silent brilliant, and a lots of brains about "softwear".
Ziaur Rahman Junaidi from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu India
Hobbies : N/A
Latest News : lets party! but where yogi - 27th May 2004
user Deepan Babu
Deepan  Babu High as the alps, perhaps the giant of the college , lives with a big heart and lives and dies for friends. His size perhaps seems to speak a lot about his heart that itself is so big.
Deepan Babu from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu India
Hobbies :
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user Don Alphonse
Don  Alphonse Don of the class, just joking it's just her name, perhaps the most sensitive touch in the class, but she's a lot big heart.
Don Alphonse from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu India
Hobbies : reading,impulse buying
Latest News : Hey ppl...whats happening with u all?? i do talk to a few of u on orkut or facebook...but for the rest whats happening?? - 17th Nov 2009
user Raghu Muthu
Raghu  Muthu The boy who wants to do something in life but it seems he's falling short of confidence, needs to gear up.
Raghu Muthu from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu India
Hobbies :
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Thu, 30th May

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